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Sparky Superior Roping Machines

Sparky is the all around roping machine! There are many different Sparky options available and one for every situation. Sparky is made of high quality products that withstand everyday use. This is the highest quality roping machine on the market today! This machine is cost effective since you have no steer cost, no steer loss, no feeding cost, and more. It is just a lot of roping over and over again. You will get tired before Sparky does! Sparky and its unbelievably lifelike movements give you the most realistic practice that produce results and help you win! There are many Sparky owners out there that have been using Sparky steers for years and will tell you that it is the best. Check out our “What’s New” section for testimonials and don’t forget to look at our specials! Give us a call and try one today!


Service Charge

We have a $35.00 per 30 minute charge for technical support or trouble shooting calls on all out of warranty items.